Paige has a new philosophy: destruction. 

Returning home from an overseas tour of duty, Paige’s son Isaac soon finds himself in a different kind of warzone. 

It’s not the home he left: his sister is transitioning into his brother and his formerly abusive father has become a docile doll; force-fed oestrogen smoothies.

His mother is liberating the family from patriarchal concepts such as ‘cooking’ and ‘cleaning’. This isn’t a breath of fresh air; this is a hurricane. 

Challenging, hilarious and gutting all at once, Hir is a breathless piece of theatre taking a blow torch to the status quo.

Why we love this play

“Taylor Mac’s Hir is a timebomb of a play – and its time has come. It will explode onto our stage. Driven by incendiary characters this play is about the state of our brave new world.”
Artistic Director, Ross Gumbley