Through every passing day, through every aftershock and through every night still sleeping in a room with the whole family, E.Q.C. are there, telling Michelle and Daz that their claims are being processed and that there may be some delays.

Oh yes. Delays.

It’s been three years since the 2011 Canterbury quakes, and Michelle calls E.Q.C. multiple times a day. She’s still not getting any answers.

Michelle’s optimism has turned to frustration and Daz has a plan to take matters into his own hands.

When Daz arrives home with a stolen portaloo and Gerry Brownlee tied up inside, the couple begin to wonder if they could do some good for the people of Canterbury with this kidnapping.

Can Daz and Michelle convince Gerry to use his emergency powers, or is Gerry facing a long imprisonment inside the portaloo of doom?