Three Māori and Pasifika companies from Ōtautahi each present an evening of compelling and essential works in progress. Each night, a new and unique piece will meet an audience for the first time. Be part of their creation.

9th August: Rīpeka - 1860, The East Cape. 2018, Christchurch. What does it mean to be a wife? To resist. To have faith. To sacrifice. In her time. In our time.

10th August: Au Ko Tuvalu - Tuvalu is sinking beneath the waves. Its people will be the first environmental refugees of the 21st century. Three sisters plan their departure to the place that will be their new home: Aotearoa, New Zealand.

11th August: Palu - Samoa and Tonga. How similar are they? Aren’t they always fighting? Y Not’s tri-lingual play explores those similarities and differences over the shared kava bowl.