the appleton ladies' potato race

Written by: Melanie Tait Director: Anthea Williams

REHEARSAL DATES: 10 July – 4 August 2023

Welcome to Appleton, Population 1,557.

Returning home after years away, GP Penny Anderson is shocked to discover that the famous Potato Race awards $1,000 prize money to men… but only $200 to women. Is this small rural community ready for the changes about to race towards it?

A punchy comedy about standing up for what you believe in, this uplifting story is proof that not all ‘troublemakers’ are created equal.

Character Breakdown

Rania Hamin, female, playing age: 30–45.

Rania lives in Australia and is a Syrian refugee. She has excellent English and speaks with a Syrian accent. Rania is intelligent and thoughtful, fun loving and adventurous. She has an artist’s sensibility and a deep emotional understanding of people.

We are looking to cast an actress with Middle Eastern heritage and some experience of acting.  While experience is preferred this does not need to be experience of acting in Aotearoa New Zealand.


DEADLINE FOR TAPES:  5pm, 7 February 2023

Please complete the below forM AND INCLUDE A LINK TO YOUR SELF-tAPeS.  

If you have any questions, please email