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The Meridian Energy 2017/18 Season Launch Event

26 Mar 2017 - 26 Mar 2017
Come along to this FREE event at The Court Theatre to celebrate the launch of The Meridian Energy 2017/18 Season!
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05 Mar 2016 - 26 Mar 2016
Shakespeare’s darkest and most powerful tragedy tells the story of Macbeth, the brave Scottish general, who returning victorious from battle, witnesses a prophecy from three witches that he will one day become King of Scotland.
Season Finished

Matthew, Mark, Luke & Joanne

09 Apr 2016 - 07 May 2016
It’s 9.55pm on a Tuesday and Matthew, a trendy advertising executive, is visiting the local supermarket. And that’s when it happens.
Season Finished

The Dunstan Creek Séance

16 Apr 2016 - 07 May 2016
A curse from the Otago gold fields has not been laid to rest. What happens tonight will make you flinch at every shadow and sleep with the lights on.
Season Finished

Cops and Robbers

20 Apr 2016 - 30 Apr 2016
Imagine…a villain with a big, BIG, curly moustache. He is sneaky and snooty and he’s going to steal all the jewels! But there’s only one problem… one smart little girl and her bumbling security guard dad.
Season Finished

Educating Rita

28 May 2016 - 25 Jun 2016
Booksmart Frank, a failed poet with a failed marriage, agrees to tutor Rita to pay for his drinking habit, totally unaware his world is about to be turned upside down.
Season Finished

Matariki – The Little Eyes in the Sky

30 May 2016 - 06 Jul 2016
A new bi-lingual tale of wonder and delight from the same creative team that created Māui and the Sun.
Season Finished

The Magic Cookbook

Sunday 12 June 2016
If you had a talking, singing recipe book that granted your every wish, how would you use it?
Season Finished

The Gift of Tongues

Sunday 19 June 2016
Retired missionaries sneak back to Japan to complete a final mission potentially leading their family into a test of faith that cannot be passed.
Season Finished


23 Jun 2016 - 25 Jun 2016
A smorgasbord of bite-sized theatrical treats from The Court Youth Company featuring ten duos presenting pieces created during the term - all daring and different.
Season Finished