The Court Theatre is seeking actors for various roles in: 

Sense and Sensibility by Penny Ashton 
From the novel by Jane Austen
Directed by Hillary Moulder 

Self tapes due:  5pm, 18 November 2021
Rehearsals:  7 March – 8 April 2022

Show season:  9 April  7 May 2022

A charmingly witty and bravura retelling of the classic novel. Ōtautahi Christchurch writer/comedian/actor Penny Ashton has adapted this well-known story, which follows the three Dashwood sisters and their constant struggle between sensible behaviour and sensitivity. There will be 6 performers, who collectively perform 23 characters. It is a bold, physical, beloved romantic comedy; a period satire if you like. It has a beautiful Bridgerton vibe and all the moments of the iconic movie will make an appearance, be it in a creatively different way.  

Please note - There are 5 roles available, detailed below. Devising is a part of this process and comedic timing is a must. Those identifying as cis/trans women, or genderqueer, who are comfortable performing both feminine and masculine roles, are invited to apply. You can be as creative as you like with your self tapes and the scripts provided. 

Roles being considered: 


  • Mrs Fanny Dashwood
    Mid 30’s. Wife of John Dashwood. Mother of one spoiled brat. Utter contemptible snob. Selfish, arrogant, entitled, dismissive, indulgent of Harry, fiercely protective of the Ferrars name.
  • Henry Dashwood 
    (dies at the start)
  • John Middleton
    50’s. Gregarious, happy, ebullient, generous. Wishes everyone to be content and happy but can be overbearing. Ultimately a wonderful friend.
  • Miss Grey
    Mid 20’s. High society extremely rich. Elegant, cultured, snob.
  • Thomas
    Man Servant. One of only two the Dashwoods kept on, gruff hard working.
  • Dr Harris
    Regency doctor, kindly


  • Mrs Henry Dashwood
    40. Bereft at loss of husband and injustice of losing home and wealth. Emotional, less practical than Elinor. Loving mother.
  • Butler
    The butler
  • Mrs Charlotte Palmer
    Mid 30’s. Daughter of Mrs Jennings. Sister in law of Sir John. A mini me of her mother. Pregnant, a Gossip, huge laugh, oblivious to her husband’s snide jabs. Relentlessly positive. Also overbearing but with a good heart.
  • Frip
    Harried Footman. Does his job as required but increasingly frustrated with constant talks given to him by Marianne. Loyal nonetheless.
  • Mr Robert Ferrars
    Mid 20’s. Obsequious, smarmy, entitled, opportunistic.


  • Miss Marianne Dashwood 
    18 turning 19. Passionate, beautiful, overly emotional, lacking in propriety where love is at stake, impetuous, musical, artistic. Needs to be able to sing. Ability to play piano would be a bonus. 


  • Miss Elinor Dashwood
    20 turning 21. Sensible, steady, practical, modest, loyal. The anchor of the play. An artist. 


  • Miss Margaret Dashwood
    11. Youngest sister of Marianne and Elinor. Tom-boyish. Rambunctious, immature, still learning how to be proprietous, wants to join in more than she is allowed.
  • Colonel Brandon
    35. Quietly considered, intense, passionate but keeps it simmering beneath to boil out now and then, completely in love with Marianne from first sight, quintessential gentleman, Navy Colonel, inherited a large estate on the death of his brother, kind, loyal, fan of flannel waistcoats.
  • Mr Palmer
    Early 40’s. Charlotte’s Husband. Excessively dry and sarcastic. Ultimately a good heart under it all. Weary of society’s nonsense.
  • Miss Lucy Steele
    Very early 20’s. Mrs Jennings cousin. Lower ranking family. Has aspirations of greater things, lesser intellect than the Dashwood sisters. Obsequious to those more powerful, cloying. Ultimately highly opportunistic.
  • Master Harry Dashwood
    8. Son of John and Fanny Dashwood. Spoiled brat.

Audition scenes available here

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PLEASE submit A SELF-TAPE audition BELOW.

(Applications close 5pm, 18 November 2021) 

We encourage applications from those who have professional training and/or experience in the industry.