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Court-FoundationLaunched in 2014, The Court Foundation was established to protect and advance the work of Christchurch’s much-loved Court Theatre. It does this through the generosity of people like you, so that together, we can help local theatre practitioners and their work, and continue to enjoy the very best of contemporary and classical theatre.

Christchurch is in an extraordinary position – on the cusp of significant and positive change that will see a great deal of innovation throughout its rebuilt city. Being able to shape and influence how this city celebrates its living culture is a rare opportunity and we want you to be a part of that.

Whether you choose to support us through a bequest, a gift in your lifetime or through regular donations, you will always be remembered for playing a lead role in the arts community of Canterbury.

When you give money to The Court Foundation, you do so knowing that those responsible for its stewardship were chosen because of their broad experience in business, finance and theatre management, and their commitment to The Court Theatre and its future.

For more than 40 years, The Court Theatre has brought works of international standard to the people of Christchurch and, in doing so, has rightfully earned its place at the very core of the Christchurch arts community. Thank you for considering playing a leading role in that.

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