The Court Jesters will be welcoming some very special guests to The Court Theatre this weekend as they bring Scared Scriptless: Monologue to life.

Replacing the usual format of Scared Scriptless for an evening, The Court Jesters will instead be performing comedy drawn from monologues performed on the night.

“Guests will perform a short monologue from an audience suggestion. Not necessarily funny or comedic, just five minutes of ‘here’s what I think’. So, an audience member might say ‘ham’ and the performer will talk about what ham means to them,” says Dan Bain, Artistic Director of The Court Jesters.

From there, the comedy begins, with the Jesters – and their guests – performing scenes inspired by the ideas that come up in these monologues.

“Maybe they’re specifically about ham, or maybe they’re about school lunches or Christmas… It’s all about looking for patterns, repetitions, analogues or analogies to ham. It could be about what it’s like eating ham when you’re in space! It’ll be a bit different from your usual Scared Scriptless.”

Performed at the peak of New Zealand Theatre Month, Scared Scriptless: Monologue will be celebrating the best theatrical Kiwi comedy that Christchurch has to offer.

Scared Scriptless runs every Friday and Saturday night at The Court Theatre at 10:15pm. Scared Scriptless: Monologue will run for one night only on 15 September at 10:15pm. Click here to book tickets for Scared Scriptless: Monologue.