Auditions for HIR ARE NOW OPEN

Play: Hir by Taylor Mac

Producing Company: The Court Theatre

Director: Elsie Edgerton-Till

Rehearsal Period: 6 April – 8 May 2020

Production dates: 9 – 30 May 2020

Synopsis: Change can be very, very, very messy. Somewhere in the suburbs, Isaac has returned from the war to help take care of his ailing father, only to discover a household in revolt. The insurgent: his mother. Liberated from an oppressive marriage, with Isaac’s newly out transgender sibling as her ally, she’s on a crusade to dismantle the patriarchy. But in Taylor Mac’s sly, subversive comedy, annihilating the past doesn’t always free you from it.

Max (Lead): Transgender, 15-30

Casting note from the playwright: The actor playing Max should be someone who was born a biological female and now identifies as transgender or gender-queer.

Casting brief: aged 17 years; transgender, masculine child of Paige and Arnold; sibling to Isaac; Max is now home-schooled by Paige and is extremely isolated in this suburban town; Max wants to escape hir hometown and forge a life in a more progressive environment; Max attempts to stand up to Arnold, a formerly abusive father who sent Max to the emergency room three times; Max does this through intellectual means and (for the most part) following Paige’s anti-orthodox rules.

Ethnicity: All ethnicities/cultural backround

Age: 15-30 years

Gender: transgender or gender-queer

Audition Details

Required Media: Headshot/Photo, Bio (if applicable)

Auckland: Thursday 12th December

Christchurch:  Monday 16th, Tuesday 17th December

If you are not able to make these times and locations in person, please contact us anyway and let us know.

To express your interest in audition for the role, please contact The Court Theatre on the following:

Susan Rendall: