M and H are master arsonists who never get it wrong – until they do. 

Covered in ash, M hacks into the ground to bury their biggest secret yet: H’s burnt body.

As M plucks at the strings of her father’s guitar, playing the songs of her childhood, H claws his way back – which means something must be unfinished.

Full of haunting music performed live on stage, The Arsonists explores the bond between parent and child in this swelling, poetic drama.

Why we love this play

“In the dedication of The Arsonists, Jacqueline writes, ‘This is a love letter to my father. He is not dead. It’s a shame that some folks hold off ‘til somebody dies to say how much they mean to ‘em. I’m gonna go ahead and do it now.’ I wish I’d thought to do the same. This will have to do.”
Associate Director, Dan Bain